Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So I was feeling mostly out of steam for the craft fair, but I decided that I needed to have money in something.  A box didn't seem pretty or all that practical because there's not much room in an 8'x8' booth.  We're using up most of our room to display our stuff.  So I followed this tutorial and made an apron. 
I like it.  There are four pockets so I think I'll keep money in them like this: ones & pennies, fives & nickels, tens & dimes, and twenties & quarters. 

The other thing I think will be really useful at the craft fair is the Square Register and iPad app.  I can take credit card payments with the little square thing I plug into the iPad and the app looks really good.  I have set it to automatically calculate state sales tax for each item and I can have pictures and prices of my inventory.  I just tap on the picture and it goes to the register.  And if people pay with cash and want a receipt, I can enter their email and the app sends a receipt.  Pretty cool.

So, actual works in progress other than the ridiculously long list are making signs that show prices for our items, getting the Square App all full of our products, and maybe I'll do a little last minute sewing.  I made this Union Jack pillow and it was my first sale, so I think I'll make some more. 
After the craft fair, I hope my WIP Wednesdays will be more interesting and I can show progress on those things that are sitting there calling to me.

Oh, and Linda informed me that Tom Selleck's mustache doesn't work!  Shoot.  I'll try to get that fixed.

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