Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorites

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I'm listing my favorite blogs on the right side here ----->
But I thought I'd tell you a little about them and maybe you can check some of them out.
I'll group them by categories.  Oops, I noticed that I didn't make them linky!  Fixed now.

People I know, non-sewing: - This is my husband's blog.  I have to admit that I don't really understand his blog.  He is a computer programmer and he has blogged about computery things.  So if you are of that inclination, maybe it will be helpful to you. :)  He has told me that he has gotten some traffic from my blog. - This is my friend Paige.  She blogs about, um...all kinds of stuff.  She's funny and smart and loves God, her husband, her kids and others.  Every Wednesday she has Video Vednesday where she puts up a funny video.  I like that feature so I'm doing a similar thing on Saturday. - This is the awesome Paige's really cool husband, Todd.  Todd shares the Word of God with passion.  What he writes encourages and sometimes convicts me.  I'm very glad I know this couple.  Their kids are pretty stinkin' cute, too.  Their most recent baby was the recipient of a quilt I had a lot of fun making.  His name is Finneas Foxe (I think there's a Haddon in there, too and then the last name.  All together, this kid has 8 syllables in his name.) Anyway, I made this fox quilt for him and I understand he really enjoys it.

People I know, sewing: - Doris is one of the co-founders of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild.  She's clever and creative and even has a couple patterns for sale.  I really like the mug rug she made for another member of the guild for our most recent swap.
Isn't it so cool?!

 - Linda is the other co-founder of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild.  She has serious quilt skills and even won a Bernina Aurora QE 440 sewing machine for winning Best in Show.  She's now in Florida, which is kind of a bummer for those of us in Iowa, but I think she's rather enjoying it.  Here's her prize winning quilt:
People I don't know personally - I guess these are all sewing.  :) - I showed you Angela's amazing pillow on Tuesday.  I think I love everything she makes.  Both of us caught "Anna Maria Horneritis" recently and joined a swap where each of us in the swap will end up with a charm square of almost every print from Anna Maria Horner's collections.  Recently she's been doing a really fun Mario Bros. quilt along.  I'm hoping to do at least one of those blocks sometime.  Check out the Mario block. - Svetlana frequently uses happy and bright colors and I love the scrappy things she makes.  I really like this pillow. - Faith also frequently uses really great bright colors.  I love her Summer Sampler Series blocks. - I think this is probably my favorite sewing/quilting blog.  Rachel makes beautiful things, provides really wonderful tutorials, and as I've said before, I really enjoyed her Handstitched Class this past summer.  I think she tries to respond to everybody's comments on her blog and she just seems like a really nice and cool person.  Her Bottled Rainbows quilt is great.  I have a thing for Roy G. Biv.  My MIL is making one of these quilts, too! - Katy does amazing sewing, but usually clothing for her kids.  One of my favorite things on her blog is "Once Upon a Thread", where people make things inspired by children's literature.  She also takes really good pictures of her kids and the world around her.  She also seems like a really thankful and joyful person.  Look at this dress she made recently for one of her daughters.  I love the sleeves and how they look like waves.
Okay, so that's the list!  Check some of them out if they are new to you and if you have a blog and want me to add you to my list, let me know.  I'd be happy to!

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    That dress for that little girl she made is super cute! I love having a daughter for this reason.

    Also, thank you so much for your kind words in including my wife and I on your list of favs. It really is an honor considering how honorable I view you and your husband.

    By the by, the rumors are true: Finneas Haddon Foxe loves his quilt. It is awesome. I love just looking at it. It is beautiful and the sentiment behind it is beautiful. It was a great gift. Thank you so much!


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