Thursday, November 8, 2012

Other Favorites

It was kind of fun to tell you about some of my favorite blogs last week, so I thought maybe I'd tell you about some of my other favorite things on Thursdays until I run out of things.  Maybe some of my favorites will be new to you and you can discover and love them, too.  So the category this week is favorite musicians!

Christian Artists

Jimmy Needham - We love Jimmy.  Here's his website.  His style is kind of soulful pop.  You can listen to some samples from his latest album on amazon.  He's a talented musician and is very good at putting words together to make a point and be musically interesting.  He loves God, his wife, and his two little girls.  "In the Middle" is a really great song and probably one of my favorites from his latest album.  It's about how his wife went through three miscarriages and his promise to be there for her.  He then changes it to focus on how God promises to be there for us through the hard things in life.  The other song on this album that is really good is the title track "Clear the Stage."  It is about making God first in our life and not letting anything else become an idol.  I was pretty excited to find out that he'll be playing at the Okoboji Bible Conference next year. (My husband's family is always at Lake Okoboji during that time for family vacation.)

Downhere -  Unfortunately, I don't think these guys will be making albums together anymore, but the few most recent albums that they did do were really great.  They are pretty much rock-ish.  The two lead singers have two very different voices, but both very good and the lyrics are also very good.  They made a lovely Christmas album a couple years ago and the song "How Many Kings" is such a nice song. Listen to a bit here.  If you like the sound of the band Queen, these guys have a number of songs that sound very Queen-esque, especially "My Last Amen." Hear a bit here.

Andrew Peterson - My husband introduced me to the music of Andrew Peterson.  It is lovely.  I would call his music folk.  He has made many albums and has even written a few books.  I should try reading them sometime.  His "Behold the Lamb of God" Christmas album is wonderful.  Here's his amazon page with a bunch of parts of songs you can hear.  When I want to hear a pretty song, I listen to "Isle of Skye."  He, along with his friend Randall Goodgame, who has also written some very good music on his own, did a kids album called Slugs and Bugs.  My son loves this album and it's not painful for me to listen to.  Win win. 

Sara Groves - We had the pleasure of seeing Sara Groves in concert this past summer for free!  For me, it was one of the best concerts I have attended.  She's such a likeable person and it was nice to hear some of the story behind a few of her songs.  Here's her amazon page if you want to listen a bit.

Newsboys - These guys are mostly fun dance type music.  Some of their songs have kind of silly lyrics, but some are really wonderful.  I really like their album titled "Go" and their worship albums are nice, too.  Amazon page here.


Burlap to Cashmere - Ok, technically these guys might be under a Christian label or at least they used to be, but good luck understanding any of their lyrics.  While they make no sense, musically they are quite amazing.  It's this mix of styles ranging from Simon and Garfunkelish to Spanish and Greek sounding to kind of regular pop.  Here is their amazon page.  My husband's favorite is "Santorini" and I really like "Live in a Van" and "Orchestrated Love Song."  We have listened to their most recent album quite a bit and it is impossible to memorize the lyrics, but fun to join in for a few words here and there!

Jack Johnson - His music just makes you feel happy. :)  Here's his amazon page.  My son really enjoys the Curious George soundtrack.

 Michael Buble (I don't know how to make the accent over the e and am too lazy to google how right now.  Pretend it's there.) -  Sometimes I like a nice crooner kind of song. Amazon page here.

Norah Jones - I haven't listened to her much lately, but I do like her music if I'm in the right kind of mood.  Amazon page

Juanes and Shakira - I have spent a fair amount of time in Latin America, mostly Venezuela, and I learned about these two artists there.  This is dancing around the house pretending you have moves and some sense of rhythm music.  Amazon pages here and here.  Warning about Shakira...she doesn't really wear much in the way of clothing.

A couple others that my husband likes and who are really growing on me are Simon and Garfunkel (it will take longer for me to like just Paul Simon.  I really like some of his alone songs, but some are just weird.  Also, he makes no sense.) and Billy Joel.

Okay!  That's a lot.  And there are many other artists and bands I like, too.  Those are just some.  Who are your favorite artists/bands?   

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  1. Oh I LOVE the Curious George soundtrack! It is so much fun.


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