Friday, November 2, 2012

A Winner and some other stuff

So I did things old school and wrote the numbers 1 - 14 on slips of paper and then had my husband pick a number.  The lucky winner is Veronica!  I'll send you an email, Veronica. :)

I've been kind of unsure what I'd post about today, but now I have a couple things so I'll start with something I think is neat.  It goes right along with the goal of my sewing and blog.  I thank my friend Crystal for inviting me to join in making a couple of quilt blocks for another quilter I don't even know.  Traceyjay quilts is another quilt blogger and has a good friend with cancer.  So she's making a quilt that I think will be really nice for her friend and has invited others of us to make a couple blocks to add to it and to pray for her friend.  If you click through to her blog, you can read more about it as well as the story of what her friend Chelsa has been going through.  Here are some of the blocks already done.

The other thing I thought I would show you are some upcoming fabric lines I have seen that I look really cool.  I'm not sure on rules about putting pictures of fabric lines from stores on my blog.  I don't want to make you check out a bunch of links, so I'll link you to Hawthorne Threads' Coming Soon section and tell you the ones I think look really great.

Well, this one is actually out now, but I love Ed Emberley and now there is a Happy Drawing 2.  I didn't buy some of the first one when it came out and I'm kind of kicking myself now.  My son loves elephants and that elephant print is hard to get...well, for a reasonable price at least.

Anyway, here are the ones I like coming soon:

Joel Dewberry Notting Hill - I have always really liked his orange and aqua prints, but never bought any.
Patty Sloniger - Les Amis - cute foxes, turtles, and owls!
Carolyn Friedlander - Architextures - I have a feeling this one is going to sell like crazy. 
Julia Rothman - Type - This one will be flying off the shelves, too.
Lizzy House - Pearl Bracelets - I love these prints and now they are in one bunch with many colors. Yay!
Lizzy House - Constellations - The constellation print depicts constellations of previous characters from other prints.  So cool. 
Rashida Coleman Hale - Tsuru - I like the cranes.  :)

Any fabrics coming out soon that you hope to add to your stash?

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