Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting times!

Well, I had intended to post a WIP Wednesday, but I got home kind of late last night from a meeting and then woke up feeling pretty yuck, so I just stayed in bed and watched old Psych episodes for half the day. :)  But I have responsibilities, so I got myself up, finished the rest of my chapstick cozies, made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, and a big pan of green bean casserole.  I'm still feeling pretty yuck, but I'm cheered up by two recent things.

1)  I have business cards!
Okay, you might be able to see my etsy store information on there and you can visit if you like, but I kind of have to ask you not to buy anything until after December 1st for a couple of reasons.  A) Most of my stuff is at our mock booth set up at Crystal's house.  She lives an hour away from me.  It's a bit tricky to get those things and mail them out in a reasonable amount of time.  B)  I need inventory for my sale on December 1st.  If you see something you would like, send me a message.  I might be able to make another one for you or I might be able to hold something aside for you.  We'll work something out. 

2) I made my first Etsy sale!
Yay!  I'm making money!  It's a good thing I'm already headed to Des Moines tomorrow because I'll need to stop at Crystal's to pick up the item.  So I am glad I made a sale, but I do hope that I don't have too many more before the craft show.  I guess if I do, I'll just have to kick it into high gear and crank out some more items.  All made with love, of course.  :) 


  1. Congrats on your first sale! That's exciting. If you don't want people to buy anything in your shop, you can put your shop in vacation mode. But that also prevents people from seeing anything that's in your shop. I always do that while I'm doing a show so people can't buy anything as I'm doing the show in case someone buys something while I'm at the show.

  2. I could always mail your stuff out for you too!


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