Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday - bee edition

I'm pretty excited to have joined two bees, both starting this month.  The first is the Mo-Stash bee.  Again, you can see what people in the group are making by clicking on the button to the right side of my blog with Tom Selleck on it. 

The bee has several groups in it, each with 6 members.  I was assigned to the Magnum P.I. group and given the month of January to choose a quilt block for each member of my group to make.  I can't resist a rainbow of colors and I love wonky stars and it seemed a good use of several fabrics from each person's stash, so I chose this quilt.  Each person in the group will make two blocks and I've already received four!  It's so fun to open the mailbox and find squishies (Squishy --An envelope full of fabric, especially one that comes in the mail as a result of an exchange or mail-order purchase.)
These are the blocks I have received.  Pretty!
I let everybody in my group pick which colors they wanted to use and then took whichever two colors were left.  I will be doing red-orange and light pink.  I think I'll try to get the light pink one done today, but I'll save the red-orange one until I have the red block and the orange block so that I can pick my colors to fit in between the two well. 

The other bee I've joined is the do. Good Stitches bee and I was assigned to the Harmony circle.  There are 10 people in the group; 5 stitchers who just sew blocks together and send them in and 5 quilters who assemble the blocks and turn them into quilts.  All quilts in do. Good Stitches go to various charities and the Harmony circle makes quilts that go to Project Linus

For January, we were instructed to make low volume postage stamp quilt blocks using low volume prints and solids, with white, off-white, tan, pale grey backgrounds.  Here are the three I made:
I'm not sure that I'd ever make a low volume quilt myself because I love bold colors so much, but it was fun to put these together and I'll be interested to see the final quilt. 

Yesterday I made the crochet hook case for Crystal as exchange for the adorable owl hat she made for my niece.  I looked up several tutorials and Crystal had sent me a few pictures of cases she liked.  I had to kind of use bits and pieces from each tutorial and mostly I looked at one case in particular and tried to make something similar, with a couple minor changes.  This is the link she sent me, so I take no credit for the design.  I know people can get upset about designs, patterns, and such being copied or stolen, so I hope that this is not a problem.  Crystal chose the fabrics and had certain specifications that she requested.  So here's what I made:

Anyway, I guess there weren't many actual works in progress in this post, but I do still have several things I need to work on, like several of these things.

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  1. Hi, Emily! I love that star quilt! I want to make a star quilt for the little one when she graduates to a twin bed; maybe I'll book mark this one. Happy New Year!


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