Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday fun and more!

I saw this commercial on someone else's blog and had to share it here. :)

I decided to figure out something for the Madrona Road Challenge.  I would have liked to try to think of something brilliant and creative, but since nothing brilliant was coming to my mind, I just decided to try a couple of blocks that I have always liked and never done. 
Churn Dash and Greek Cross - actually the same block!
I planned the four blocks out using EQ7 and although I didn't have the Madrona Road fabrics in my fabric library, I made do with similar colors and prints.  These blocks are going to be big, like 23 inches each, I think, so the final quilt will be kind of crib sized or large wall hanging I guess.  Anyway, I think I like how it's going and maybe I'll get it done in time to add it to the Flickr group for consideration to be shown in the Michael Miller booth at QuiltCon.  It won't be chosen, but one can always try, right? 
One block on my design wall

 I had some more fabric acquisitions this week using a little bit of Christmas money I was saving for QuiltCon (oops, but the money went to a friend at a good price rather than a stranger at a high price, so I think it was a good decision) and a delivery that was part of a Christmas gift.  My BIL and SIL (Alex) got me a 2 month subscription to the Stash Stack Club at Pink Castle Fabrics. 
I probably wouldn't normally buy purple fabrics, but I love these! 
 The purchases from my friend Becky were these:
Some Hometown text yardage with nice words :)

Some Tula Pink Hushabye

 Becky is actually a friend of my MIL since 7th grade.  Again, I'm so thankful that I met and married my husband, not only because I love him, but because through him, I have met (or become related to) some really wonderful people. 

Speaking of becoming related to wonderful people and Alex, she suggested that next time she, my MIL, and I were together, we should do a Jelly Roll Race.  I think that would be fun, so I already got my jelly roll from Becky. 
V and Co.  Simply Color
So I'll be stitching up some Madrona Road today and hopefully tackling this soon:
Outer border for my Romans quilt blocks

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  1. Darn you, Emily! I was thinking Churn Dash blocks.
    I've always wanted to do a jelly roll race. Are you going to mix up your strips or keep the colours grouped?
    The purple prints are fantastic.


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