Friday, January 18, 2013


It feels like my week has been fairly productive, but at the same time I feel like I don't have much to show for it. 

My husband and I decided that we should probably be more careful with both our diet and budget, so one thing I did was get the MealBoard App.  It was kind of fun to get it all set up and use although I don't think we have followed the plan I made for the week at all!  I take that back.  I followed it Monday night.  Anyway, I didn't buy a bunch of stuff we didn't need at the grocery store and I've planned some fairly healthy meals, so hopefully we'll be doing better. 

I also went through our budget to see where we were leaking money.  Guess where?  Eating out.  So minimizing that should help our waistlines and wallets too. 

By the time I had worked on those things, it was Tuesday afternoon and I hadn't done any sewing since the Thursday before and I was looking forward to stitching some stuff up!  Oh, by the way, the sewing I did on Thursday was one of the bee blocks for my quilt. 
Light pink mo-stash bee block
Here are the blocks I have now.  Waiting for 6 more and I need to make 1 more.  I think I'm going to love it!
Anyway, so Tuesday I decided to take another stab at the Anna Maria Horner Feather Bed pattern that I had messed up previously.  This time I read the directions a little bit.  :)  I ended up with six of them and they are kinda big.
feathers being assembled
I had thought of making a tote bag with three feathers on each side, but that would have been a really big tote, so I went with two on each side and then the two leftover feathers are becoming a table topper, I guess.  Why not? 
The two sides of the bag
I'm working on quilting and assembling the tote and I might set aside the table topper for later.  Tomorrow the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild is having a sewing day and I hope to cross a few items off my list.  Not that I need to start anything new, but I think I'll join in on this block of the month club at Gen X Quilters. 

One night this week, my husband sat down at our piano and started to play.  I like when he does that.
   I remember when I was a teenager, my mom played piano for church and would play and practice on Saturday mornings at probably a reasonable hour.  I, however, was sleeping in!  I remember feeling so grumpy and aggravated that she was disrupting my sleeping in, but now I feel thankful that there were hymns being played on the piano in our house.
  I understand the words of those hymns so much better now.  And it's good to get them stuck in my head.
My sister made the quilt above the piano.  I love it and it goes in the room so perfectly.  Also, I love that guy.  He goes with me so perfectly. :)

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  1. If you join that BOM I will join. I saw it and was very tempted, but decided to skip.


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