Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mo-Stash Bee Quilt

On the last day of January, I received the last two blocks for the Mo-Stash Bee for the quilt I will make.  I've posted one of my blocks here, but I thought I'd show all of them together.
Here's the first layout I tried, Roy G. Biv style.

Then I tried Roy G. Biv going down the first row, up the next, and down again.

Then I tried random placement.  I think I like this best.

Then I wanted to see how it might look with sashing.
I think I'm going to go with the random placement, no sashing, but I do think I'll add a border to make it a bit bigger.  It could be a good baby quilt size right now, but I kind of want it to be a lap quilt that I can snuggle under and feel cheerful.  I'm thinking I'll make the border white with some scattered wonky stars in the various colors of the blocks.  Thought, opinions, ideas? 


  1. I think I like the random placement best too. And I love your idea for the borders! Can't wait too see it finished!

  2. Very cool quilt blocks. I like every one of them. Did you try a layout on point? That would add more interest, and with the addition of setting triangles, you wouldn't have to add anything more, like sashing or borders, to make the quilt larger.


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