Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Madrona Road Challenge

Well, I finished my Madrona Road Challenge quilt in time for the deadline.  I know that it will not be chosen for anything, but it was fun to do and it is done!

I made four large greek cross squares and quilted with concentric circles. I would have liked to do something spectacular, but I do like it and even more special for me is that my son immediately claimed it. I backed it with a microfiber sheet that I got super cheap at Target on Black Friday and it's really soft. I think that was the selling point for my son, but I think maybe he liked the truck, too. :)


  1. Nice job, Emily. It looks great!

  2. As someone with a boy in the house I love it! We need more fabric designed with our son's and grandson's in mind! Great finish!


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